Office Furniture Design, Charlotte, NC

We can ensure your office furniture design works well for the way your business operates and creates the custom result you envision.

The tasks that are completed each day in an office environment are far different than they were a couple of decades ago. Surprisingly, the office furniture industry doesn’t seem to have caught on, and they still offer pieces that aren’t especially functional. If you are looking for office furniture design that fits the way you and your staff work, turn to us at Millwork on 31st. Our ability to create custom furniture means you won’t have to struggle with your desk. It will be the right size for you, have ample storage for the supplies you need, and accommodate the electronics and other equipment you use daily.

Office Furniture Design in Charlotte, North Carolina

The other reason to go with our office furniture design team is the quality of the finished product. We use quality wood with a variety of wood species to choose from that will give you a durable result that will perform for you in the years ahead. We do it all – design, construct, and install. Whether you are looking for freestanding office furniture or cabinetry that is installed permanently, our team will take you through every aspect of the project, keeping you in the loop and answering your questions.

We began our business over 30 years ago in a garage! Today we have three workshops and over 20 employees who are all dedicated to quality workmanship and unrivaled customer services. Investing in quality office furniture design is something you will never regret – we promise! Contact us today to learn more and get started outfitting your Charlotte, North Carolina business or home office.


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